Introducing: FloraGlow Studio

A web studio that creates glowing organic spaces that illuminate your brand’s online presence.

“FloraGlow” suggests a connection to nature, specifically flowers and plants. 

The word “flora” refers to the plant life of a particular region or time period, and “glow” suggests a radiant, bright, or light emitting from a screen or digital device.

Together, the name creates an image of vibrant, healthy plants and the glow they emit in their natural environment.

In Greek mythology, Flora was the goddess of flowers, vegetation, and fertility. 


She was associated with the arrival of spring, a time of rebirth.

Just as Flora made flowers bloom and crops grow, we believe that our web development services have the power to help businesses bloom and grow in the digital landscape.

The bottom line? We help businesses establish a fresh, vibrant online presence that reflects their brand and supports their goals.

Flower Bungalow LLC is now doing business as FloraGlow Studio.


Web design and development service packages with the small business owner and solopreneur in mind.  Clients can choose between base packages with the ability to customize and add-on a la carte options that meet a variety of needs. 

Agency, nonprofit and larger business clients will receive custom pricing based on scope.

While every project scope is different, we have web packages starting at $1500, and add-ons will range from $250 to $500. Our content creation services start at $500 a month. Depending on availability, we can accept hourly projects for a rate of $50 per hour. 

We are passionate about serving anyone with passion. Our former clients range from food and beverage, home and garden, culinary arts, cannabis, interior design and artist industries. 

If you are an existing client with a price locked in, no need to worry! We will continue honoring that price. Moving forward, the updated pricing and packages will be applied to future projects. 

As a lady-owned, creativity-driven, stigma-smashing brand (we’re a cool web developer), we have an unmatched creative edge. So there’s that. 

We’re here to shoot it straight, push creative boundaries and let your business needs and goals drive every decision we make together. Consider us your web bestie. 

FloraGlow Studio is launching soon! Once we get our informational website up, we will begin building our template shop. Our templates will be a unique and low-cost option for all the DIY web builders out there.

A note from Audria

Every pixel of FloraGlow Studio has been crafted with joy, excitement and passion for serving small business owners in a unique and creative way. 

It’s not only my dream to start a business of my own, but to also bring visions to life in a way that my clients are proud of. 

I have so much gratitude to those that have taught me along the way, and to my early clients who allowed me to “build the plane while flying” with their dreams and businesses on board.

Thank you for being here and for your support as I begin this new adventure. I continue to be so inspired by everyone I work with and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If I can help you or someone you know bring a bold vision to life, please reach out. I am accepting new clients beginning May. 

Thank you!

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